Code of Conduct

Arrive On Time

Please arrive on time.  If you do arrive late, please see me to make sure that you are signed into that class.  

Chewing Tobacco and Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the training building.  Please smoke outside, away from the doors. I would rather you did not chew tobacco in class, as it is detracting to others, especially when spitting in a cup or can.  If you are chewing in the training center, Please take your cup outside to the trash can yourself.  I don't like cleaning people chewing tobacco spit out of the trashcan, nor do I like getting it on my hands when I'm collecting trash.  Simply a common courtesy issue, drop off your cup/can on your way to your car.  

Pay Attention in Class

You are here to learn and the people around you are here to learn as well.  Please pay attention to the instructor who has worked hard to prepare for this day.  On the same note, please do not be a distraction to those around you.

No newspaper, magazine or other reading material

This really doesn't need an explanation, but it is very disrespectful to the instructor and the other students in the class.

Cell Phone Use

Please mute your cell phones and keep from checking them.  It is an interruption to the class when they see students checking their phones and sending texts.  Mute them and keep them put away please.

Computer and Tablet use

We are going to see more and more computers and tablets in class as we try to use less paper for handouts.  Please resist checking e-mail, surfing Facebook, watching the ballgame or other distracting behavior.