Member Benifits


Low Cost Continual Training

 Continual training is a necessity in any profession. Law enforcement officers must keep abreast of changes and developments in the criminal justice system.  

 In-service training at the local level allows officers to remain current throughout their careers; it also enhances their public image as trained professionals.
 The benefits to local governmental units of sending officers to mobile training team classes include: 


  • Affordability -- In-service training at the local level reduces travel, lodging, and personnel costs. Member agencies rarely pay tuition fees.

  • Availability -- A wide range of courses, including those in patrol, investigations, corrections, administrations, and firearms, are available. Courses are scheduled at times, dates, and locations that maximize training opportunities. Courses that address the needs of individual departments are frequently held upon request.

  • Local Control -- An Advisory Board of sheriffs, chiefs of police, and command staff choose courses to meet the needs of departments served by Mobile Team #13. Courses are offered each fiscal year that meet the specific interests of rural law enforcement agencies. Training to address issues of immediate concern can be organized and presented in a timely manner.

  • Quality of Instruction -- Pooling resources and keeping administrative costs to a minimum allows Mobile Team #13 to attract the best instructors. Nationally recognized experts in the criminal justice field frequently present programs in east central Illinois.